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Knowing that it's for the greater good, Spanner steals the emptied artifact and returns to the future where he sees that Ben and Kai are still married. In Fight at the Museumhe revealed himself to be from the future, where Ben and Kai are married.

Wiki Activity Random page Community Videos Images Forum. Søte bilder porno. She had silver bracelets and a blue ring. Ben 10 kai grønn. Social Networks Twitter Feed. Ben Tennyson and Kai Green are one of the main couples in the franchise. Content is available under CC-BY-SA. Mor datter utveksling klubb 1. Convincing the Forever Knights to work together, everyone was able to escape alive. In Secret of Dos SantosKai has developed a love-hate relationship with Ben due to his antics and arrogance, particularly finding his nickname "the future Mrs.

The Rise of Hex Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: One example of this was his immediate friendship with fellow troublemaker Devlin Levin. Cast Lists Directers Voice Actors Writers. Galleries TV Pre-Production Retcons Errors The Franchise The Ben 10 Story Original Continuity Reboot Continuity.

The circle around his belt buckle is now white. Ultimate Alien Ben Knowing that Subdora will be back the four team up and stay overnight with Kai, Spanner being forced to reveal that he comes from a future where Kai and Ben have been married.

Ben, Rookand Spanner arrived at the scene, Ben using Gutrot to defeat the Animos. Contents [ show ]. Despite this, the two blushingly smile to each other, instead being upset, finally coming to terms with their feelings towards each other. Alien Force Ben Mana Spells Magic Items Gwen's Spellbook Charms of Bezel. Alien Force Ben 10 Alien Force: Kenny's eye color is even the same as Ben's.

In the future, Ben marries Kai and they have a son, Ken. Fan Feed More Ben 10 Wiki 1 Ben Create your own and start something epic. In An American Benwolf in LondonKai's grandfather is taken away by the Forever Knights. Earth Bellwood Undertown Planets Dimensions.

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Jekyllbut are quickly afterwards ambushed by the Forever Knights in their search for Dr.

Omnitrixes Weapons Alien Tech Plumber Tech Vehicles Ships Nanotechnology. Her decision to invite Ben paid off when an alien thief named Subdora tries to steal one of the artifacts, one of the first that Kai found with her grandfather. Nåde celeberty kvinner. Games Movies TV Wikis. However, at the end of the episode, when Ben tries to establish a relationship with her, she tells him that she only admired him as Benwolfwhere she could "train" and "tame" him, much to Gwen's annoyance and breaking Ben's heart.

Ben 10 HyperScan Game Ben Arriving at the temple's treasure Temple Kai encounters a Galvan named Ujin. Create your own and start something epic.

Ben 10 Ben Mana Spells Magic Items Gwen's Spellbook Charms of Bezel. Ben 10 Ben Vilgax Attacks Ben 10 Alien Force: Kai appeared in An American Benwolf in London. Sanny leyon sexy bilde. Spanner takes the artifact itself, leading Kai to believe she has lost one of the most important things in her life. Ben 10 kai grønn. Galactic Racing Ben Ben made attempts to impress her.

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In the original seriesKai had long, black hair and brown eyes. Race Against Time Ben Going out flying with the Hover board Kenny runs into Devlin, a young street urchin who befriends him and consoles him about his father issues. Occupation s Student Spiritual dancer Archaeologist. Original ContinuityCharactersHumansand 9 more Human Females Females Ben's love interests Original Series Characters Allies Heroes Secondary Characters Introduced in the Original Series Omniverse Characters.

When she admitted to this, Gwen gave her a stern talking to.

Affiliations Ben 10, Ben's Team Professor Paradox. Getting wounded in the crossfire Ken's injury enrages Ben to the point that he beats Kevin into the ground and captures him in a Containment capsule. Later after Subdora's partner Exo-Skull comes in and tears through the museum and takes the "Key to time itself" from the artifact.

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